Car Tech And Other Secrets Your family Doesn’t Tell You

Okay, I doubt that when you are learning how to be careful your parents gave you.

You often said; “I’m very careful when I drive you have nothing to worry about.” And then your parents said; “It’s not you that I worry about, it gets all the other crazy drivers out there, so be careful.” Frankly, this is very true. But what happens if you are a robotic car, and you are programmed to be careful? You still have to watch out for all the crazy humans who are driving right on the same road?

Surely you should, and I feel like you, I have prevented many accidents when other people make mistakes. Just because another driver makes a mistake, runs a stop sign, or breaks the traffic law, does not mean you are allowed to hit them, and then blame them for your mistake. This may very well be their fault, and their insurance will have to be paid, unless you are in a state of no fault, but it does not help you or the rest of your week without a car, While it is recovering.

Now, there was an interesting piece recently titled Car Tech Blog; “Google Driver Accidental Autonomous Car” by Wayne Cunningham on August 5, 2011; The article states;

“The Google Prius and another Prius were involved in a minor collision, although there is no description of what the driver might have been at fault. When Google revealed that its autonomous cars had been road-tested in California a few years earlier, So he admitted that there was a small accident, but that the other car had a malfunction. During the test of the cars, a driver has been on the wheel, if the self-driving system wif Should be so ready to take him. ”

Perhaps it was inevitable that a robot car would be found in an accident with a human.

It was not something that I suspected would happen in the year 2011, it is a 2025 type of thing. Nevertheless, it has happened, and it opens up the real worm to traffic law, and will probably go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first robot / human traffic accident. This too will set an example.

In fact, I’m sure a human would win in a traffic court, because people don’t yet rely on robots or autonomous vehicles. However, in the future, the robot car will do everything in its power to avoid an accident, and so it is more than likely that a human will be quoted, and consider the mistake in the accident. Actually I hope you will kindly consider all this and consider it.

What do you think?

Written by Bayle.b12


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