Is Education The Most Trending Thing Now?

1.0 Introduction

Is one of the areas that promote national development by ensuring the development of a functional human resource. The institution of strong educational structures leads to a society populated by enlightened people, which can lead to positive economic progress and social change.

A positive social change and associated economic growth is achieved as people apply the skills they have learned while in school. The acquisition of these skills facilitates one person, all of us ‘teachers’. For this reason, nations seeking economic and social development need not ignore teachers and their role in national development.

Teachers are the major factors that advance the achievements of students in learning.

The performance of teachers, in general, determines not only the quality of education, but also the general performance of the students they train. So teachers themselves need to get the best education, so they can help train students in the best ways. It is known, that the quality of teachers and teaching quality are some of the most important factors that shape the learning and social and educational development of students.

Quality training will to a great extent ensure teachers are of very high quality, so as to enable them to properly manage classrooms and facilitate learning. This is why teacher quality is still a concern, even, in countries where students consistently score high in international examinations, such as mathematics and science studies (TIMSS). In such countries, due to the ability of teacher education of prime importance,

it has to lead to positive student achievements.

The structure of teacher education varies in response to the search for productive teachers in almost all countries, who understand the current needs of students or the demands of teachers. The changes are efforts to ensure that quality teachers are generated and sometimes just to ensure that classrooms are not exempt from teachers.

In the U.S.A, the promotion of high-quality teachers has been a point of contention and,

for the past decade, has been fundamentally driven through methods set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act (Accelerated California Teachers, 2015). Even in Japan and other eastern countries where there are more teachers than necessary,

and structures have been established to produce and employ high-quality teachers, issues related to teacher and teaching quality are still of concern ( Ogawa, Fujii and Ikko, 2013)). Teacher education is therefore not a joke anywhere. This article is in two parts. It first discusses Ghana’s teacher education system and in the second part looks at some determinants of quality teaching.

2.0 Ordinance

Ghana is making a deliberate effort to produce quality teachers for its basic school classrooms. As Benh (2006) indicated, Ghana’s teacher education aims to provide a complete teacher education program through the provision of initial teacher training and in-service training programs,

which will produce competent teachers,

which will influence the effectiveness of teaching Will help improve learning and learning in schools. The Early Teacher Education Program for Basic School Teachers of Ghana was offered only at the Colleges of Education (COE), until recently, including the University of Education, Cape Coast University, Central University College and other tertiary institutions Has happened.

The programs offered by other tertiary institution is that while universities offer certificates,

tests and award certificates to their students, colleges of education, through educational institutes, offer tuition to the University of Cape Coast, providing certificates We do. The training programs offered by these institutions are efforts to provide many qualified teachers to teach in schools. The National Accreditation Board recognizes teacher T.R.

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