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Los Angeles –

Gallery M + B sold its show of its surreal, cloud-dappled landscape by Leo Mock over the summer. The work was enigmatic, with images of having long, bird-like legs through the picture. The official “Artist Bio” was also mysterious, stating only that Mr. Mock graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design and “lives and works in Los Angeles.”

But those people soon discovered that Leo Mock was in fact the nickname of Steve Henson, a local art dealer who was pursuing his career. Leo was his uncle’s name; Mock, his mother’s maiden name – but it also serves as a jab in the art market: “People are not like artists with two careers,” said Mr. Hansen, founder of China Art Objects, a leading Chinatown gallery. “I’m an old punk rocker and all those musicians take pseudonyms,” he explained by phone.

How to showcase your own work is a challenge faced by dealers who open shop as shopkeepers,

a deep-rooted tradition that these days in this arts-centric city Is flourishing. While making another gallery is making fun of art-making demands, two careers are not known for reliable revenue streams. But a surprising number of artists in Los Angeles continue to open commercial space anyway, giving the city’s gallery scene a frightening energy in itself and providing a strong consultancy to the idea that visual culture here in New York and The recent influx of international is defined by. Galleries.

These locations run the gamut from funky weekend-only apartment locations to larger venues with regular timings, but they have a more adventurous spirit. As Mr. Hanson states, “The Home Depot-sign of galleries is one of the reasons why artist-run locations are so important.”

Last year alone,

Real Pain Fine Arts was inaugurated by artist Peter Harkwick near the Underground Museum; Murmurs, a welcome gallery-café complex downtown, founded by Morgan Elder and Alison Littrell; And La Loma Projects, which Kirk Nelson runs out of his living room and garage in Pasadena – not far from the artist Odd Arch, the two-year-old gallery of artist Dani Tull. More established examples include Smart Objects, Five Car Garage, Big Pictures LA. Moskowitz Bay, Night Gallery, Commonwealth and Council, The Pit and Bell Ami. (The final four will have booths at the Fies Los Angeles, an art fair running from February 14-16, in a special section dedicated to local galleries.)

Most of these galleries follow the traditional 50-50 sales division with artists, but none are as high-overhead and profit-driven as are now the blue-chip galleries in the city.

“L.A. artist-driven galleries have a long history –

this is where much experimentation and innovation takes place,” said Fetze Los Angeles director Bettina Korek. She called the model a simple white cube and “a great reminder that art Can be anywhere “option said.

Amy Basone is a painter and sculptor from Los Angeles who owns a high-profile New York gallery (Salon 94), but she still supports in-house artist-run galleries: last year Pitt had a solo show and a group La Loma Projects worked on the show now. She brings “a lot of artists to watch her show,” along with creating “a sense of togetherness and community.” Her openings are also inclusive, she said, “complete with friends of children, dogs, friends . ” , And sometimes tacos, “fancy minus after the initial meal.

Chadwick Gibson, founder of Smart Objects,

says that “art makes you more aware of what’s going on in culture”. “Many galleries will say that they will show new or emerging artists,” he said, “but if you go back you will find that they showed at the first three artist-run locations.”

He started his gallery at Echo Park in late 2012 to organize an exhibition of his own work in particular – screen shots of the gallery and museum that he printed from the Google Art Project, where the operator’s camera turns into an image , A way to turn Google’s eye on yourself. He just leased more

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